Promise of Coming Spring

By Fr. John Borrego
February 18, 2021

  Dear Parish Family, In our religious tradition, around this time of year we ask each other, “What are you giving up for Lent?” The answer may be chocolate, or adult beverages, or coffee. Maybe we add a new practice like daily prayer or scripture reading. ...


Value and Significance of Mutual Ministry

By Fr. John Borrego
September 04, 2020

  Value and Significance of Mutual Ministry COVID-19: a blessing? WHAT?! you say? How can that be?  Let me explain what I mean. I was trained in seminary in the 1970s for ministry in the 1950s. It was very much the “Father Knows Best” model of mi...


Saints of the Day for August 27th

By Deacon James Tyree
August 26, 2020

  Today we will return to considering a saint on our feast calendar and, in fact, today there are two: Thomas Gallaudet and Henry Winter Syle, who, in 1888, became the first deaf person to be ordained to the priesthood of the Episcopal Church. When I first saw that Thom...


Repaired and Repurposed

By Fr. John Borrego
August 19, 2020

  Dear Parish Family, An old Japanese art form is called kintsugi. When a pottery vessel is broken, it is repaired. The cracks are filled with lacquer mixed with precious metal—gold, silver, or platinum. This is an expression of the Japanese philosophy of wabi- ...


Scattered Church...Still...

By Fr. John Borrego
July 06, 2020

    Dear Parish Family, These days, I drive back and forth from my home in Guthrie to St. John’s about once a week or so. I know this stretch of Interstate 35 very well. I pull onto the highway, and soon I am passing the Edmond exits. Then the Kilpatrick and Tu...


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